Fig 2.10

Grant Gurvis

Mon Dec 05 2022


Fig 2.10 is now available, to update click the Fig icon in your menu bar and select “Check for updates…” or use your package manager

  • [New] #FigWrapped is available again, now with random facts about your year in the terminal
  • [New] Experimental offline support for autocomplete, you can enable with fig settings autocomplete.offline-support true
  • [New] The SSH Integration is automatically prompted to be installed on remote machines
  • [New] The Fig Dotfiles integration is now less aggressive with whitespace and supports # Fig Ignore to prevent automated installation in your shell configs
  • [New] fig settings --delete now supports globs
  • [New] Script CLI is now parsed with clap, allowing for more flexible terminal interfaces for script devs
  • [Fixed (macOS)] Intellij plugin now correctly installs and does not report issues with compatibility