Fig 2.9

Grant Gurvis

Fri Dec 02 2022


Fig 2.9 is now available, to update click the Fig icon in your menu bar and select “Check for updates…” or use your package manager

Terminal showing
Terminal showing symfony spec contributed by duboiss


  • [New] ⌘+[ and ⌘+] can now navigate the Fig Dashboard
  • [Fixed] Error error messages script error :0:0: in autocomplete and dashboard
  • [Fixed] more details on how to update iTerm Bash Integration in Fig Doctor (#2104)
  • [Fixed] Unset CLICOLOR_FORCE, CLICOLOR, and COLORTERM environment variables in generators (#2093)
  • [Fixed (macOS)] fig:// links now work, fig://dashboard/<path> goes to any page in the dashboard
  • [Fixed] SSH login now falls back to token based login if it can not connect to the desktop application
  • [New (Linux)] Intellij/Jetbrains IDEs work


  • [New] Support for Python, Node, and Deno runtimes in scripts Read more →
  • [New] fig scripts command to easily open the scripts page in dashboard
  • [New] Add setting scripts.insert-into-shell to prevent the script from being executed as a command in the shell if executing from the TUI
  • [New] TUI search is sorted by user invocation then team invocation
  • [New] fig scripts refresh to manually refresh the local script cache
  • [Fixed] Scripts now ensure all required fields are entered when in TUI mode before executing
  • [Fixed] ctrl-c is handled better with a message that the script was terminated and ends with exit code 130