Android Debug Bridge


devicesList connected devices
helpShow this help message
get-statePrint offline | bootloader | device
get-serialnoPrint <serial-number>
get-devpathPrint <device-path>
remountRemount partitions read-write. if a reboot is required, -R will automatically reboot the device
jdwpList pids of processes hosting a JDWP transport
rootRestart adbd with root permissions
unrootRestart adbd without root permissions
usbRestart adbd listening on USB
sideloadSideload the given full OTA package
start-serverEnsure that there is a server running
kill-serverKill the server if it is running
reconnectKick connection from host side to force reconnect
tcpipRestart adbd listening on TCP on PORT
rebootReboot the device; defaults to booting system image but supports bootloader and recovery too. sideload reboots into recovery and automatically starts sideload mode, sideload-auto-reboot is the same but reboots after sideloading
disable-verityDisable dm-verity checking on userdebug builds
enable-verityRe-enable dm-verity checking on userdebug builds
wait-for-deviceWait for state=device
wait-for-recoveryWait for state=recovery
wait-for-rescueWait for state=rescue
wait-for-sideloadWait for state=sideload
wait-for-bootloaderWait for state=bootloader
wait-for-disconnectWait for state=disconnect
wait-for-usb-deviceWait for usb in state=device
wait-for-usb-recoveryWait for usb in state=recovery
wait-for-usb-rescueWait for usb in state=rescue
wait-for-usb-sideloadWait for usb in state=sideload
wait-for-usb-bootloaderWait for usb in state=bootloader
wait-for-usb-disconnectWait for usb in state=disconnect
wait-for-local-deviceWait for local in state=device
wait-for-local-recoveryWait for local in state=recovery
wait-for-local-rescueWait for local in state=rescue
wait-for-local-sideloadWait for local in state=sideload
wait-for-local-bootloaderWait for local in state=bootloader
wait-for-local-disconnectWait for local in state=disconnect
wait-for-any-deviceWait for any in state=device
wait-for-any-recoveryWait for any in state=recovery
wait-for-any-rescueWait for any in state=rescue
wait-for-any-sideloadWait for any in state=sideload
wait-for-any-bootloaderWait for any in state=bootloader
wait-for-any-disconnectWait for any in state=disconnect
keygenGenerate adb public/private key; private key stored in FILE
logcatShow device log (logcat --help for more)
versionShow version num
connectConnect to a device via TCP/IP [default port=5555]
disconnectDisconnect from given TCP/IP device [default port=5555], or all
uninstallRemove this app package from the device
bugreportWrite bugreport to given PATH [];
pairPair with a device for secure TCP/IP communication
pppRun PPP over USB
emuRun emulator console command
installPush a single package to the device and install it
install-multiplePush multiple APKs to the device for a single package and install them
install-multi-packagePush one or more packages to the device and install them atomically
shellRun remote shell command (interactive shell if no command given)
mdnsMdns utils
pushCopy local files/directories to device
syncSync a local build from $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT to the device (default all)
pullCopy files/dirs from device
forwardForward connection
reverseReverse connection


-aListen on all network interfaces, not just localhost
-dUse USB device (error if multiple devices connected)
-eUse TCP/IP device (error if multiple TCP/IP devices available)
-s <SERIAL>Use device with given serial (overrides $ANDROID_SERIAL)
-t <ID>Use device with given transport id
-H <host name>Name of adb server host [default=localhost]
-P <port>Port of adb server [default=5037]
-L <socket>Listen on given socket for adb server [default=tcp:localhost:5037]