bun i

Install dependencies for a package.json


-c, --config [path]Load config (bunfig.toml)
-y, --yarnWrite a yarn.lock file (yarn v1)
-p, --productionDon't install devDependencies
--no-saveDon't save a lockfile
--dry-runDon't install anything
--lockfile <path>Store & load a lockfile at a specific filepath
-f, --forceAlways request the latest versions from the registry & reinstall all dependenices
--cache-dir <path>Store & load cached data from a specific directory path
--no-cacheIgnore manifest cache entirely
--silentDon't log anything
--verboseExcessively verbose logging
-g, --globalInstall globally
--cwd <path>Set a specific cwd
--backend <syscall>Platform-specific optimizations for installing dependencies. For macOS, 'clonefile' (default), 'copyfile'
--link-native-bins <str...>Link 'bin' from a matching platform-specific 'optionalDependencies' instead. Default: esbuild, turbo
--helpPrint the help menu