bundle install

Install the gems specified by the Gemfile or Gemfile.lock


--binstubs <arg>Create binstubs in dir
--cleanRemove unused gems after install
--deploymentFor Production and CI use
--force, --redownloadRedownload all gems
--frozenDo not allow lock file to update
--full-indexCache the full index locally
--gemfile <arg>The gemfile to use
--jobs <arg>Maximum number of parallel installs
--localUse only gems already downloaded or cached
--no-cacheDo not use vendor/cache
--no-pruneDo not remove stale gems
--path <arg>Path the install gems too
--quietDo not print to stdout
--retry <arg>Retry failed network requests N times
--shebang <arg>Uses the specified ruby executable for binstubs
--standalone <arg>Makes a bundle that can work without depending on Rubygems or Bundler at runtime
--systemUse system Rubygems location
--trust-policy <arg>Apply the Rubygems security policy
--with <arg>Groups to install
--without <arg>Groups to NOT install