bundle lock

Generate a lockfile for your dependencies


--update <arg>Ignores the existing lockfile
--localDo not attempt to connect to rubygems.org
--printPrints the lockfile to STDOUT instead of writing to the file system
--lockfile <path>The path where the lockfile should be written to
--full-indexFall back to using the single-file index of all gems
--add-platformAdd a new platform to the lockfile, re-resolving for the addi- tion of that platform
--remove-platformRemove a platform from the lockfile
--patchIf updating, prefer updating only to next patch version
--minorIf updating, prefer updating only to next minor version
--majorIf updating, prefer updating to next major version (default)
--strictIf updating, do not allow any gem to be updated past latest --patch | --minor | --major
--conservativeIf updating, use bundle install conservative update behavior and do not allow shared dependencies to be updated