bundle outdated

Show all of the outdated gems in the current bundle


--localDo not attempt to fetch gems remotely and use the gem cache instead
--preCheck for newer pre-release gems
--sourceCheck against a specific source
--strictOnly list newer versions allowed by your Gemfile requirements
--parseable, --porcelainUse minimal formatting for more parseable output
--groupList gems from a specific group
--groupsList gems organized by groups
--update-strictStrict conservative resolution, do not allow any gem to be updated past latest --patch | --minor| --major
--minorPrefer updating only to next minor version
--majorPrefer updating to next major version (default)
--patchPrefer updating only to next patch version
--filter-majorOnly list major newer versions
--filter-minorOnly list minor newer versions
--filter-patchOnly list patch newer versions
--only-explicitOnly list gems specified in your Gemfile, not their dependencies