bundle update

Update dependencies to their latest versions


--allUpdate all gems specified in Gemfile
--group, -g <arg>Only update the gems in the specified group
--source <arg>The name of a :git or :path source used in the Gemfile
--localUse only gems already downloaded or cached
--rubyUpdate the locked version of Ruby to the current version of Ruby
--bundlerUpdate the locked version of bundler to the invoked bundler version
--full-indexFall back to using the single-file index of all gems
--jobs, -j <arg>Specify the number of jobs to run in parallel. The default is 1
--retry <arg>Retry failed network or git requests for number times
--quietOnly output warnings and errors
--force, --redownloadForce downloading every gem
--patchPrefer updating only to next patch version
--minorPrefer updating only to next minor version
--majorPrefer updating to next major version (default)
--strictDo not allow any gem to be updated past latest --patch | --minor | --major
--conservativeDo not allow shared dependencies to be updated