bw send <data>

Work with Bitwarden sends. A Send can be quickly created using this command or subcommands can be used to fine-tune the Send




listList all the Sends owned by you
templateGet json templates for send objects
getGet Sends owned by you
receiveAccess a Bitwarden Send from a url
createCreate a Send
editEdit a Send
remove-passwordRemoves the saved password from a Send
deleteDelete a Send
helpDisplay help for command


-f, --fileSpecifies that <data> is a filepath
-d, --deleteInDays <days>The number of days in the future to set deletion date, defaults to 7
-a, --maxAccessCount <amount>The amount of max possible accesses
--hiddenHide <data> in web by default. Valid only if --file is not set
-n, --name <name>The name of the Send. Defaults to a guid for text Sends and the filename for files
--notes <notes>Notes to add to the Send
--fullObjectSpecifies that the full Send object should be returned rather than just the access url
-h, --helpDisplay help for command