dog MX <arguments>

Query Domain MX Record


argumentsHuman-readable host names, nameservers, types, or classes


-q, --query <HOST>Host name or IP address to query
-t, --type <TYPE>Type of the DNS record being queried (A, MX, NS...)
-n, --nameserver <ADDR>Address of the nameserver to send packets to
-class <CLASS>Network class of the DNS record being queried (IN, CH, HS)
--edns <NUMBER>Whether to OPT in to EDNS (disable, hide, show)
--txid <CLASS>Set the transaction ID to a specific value
-Z <TWEAKS>Set uncommon protocol-level tweaks
-U, --udpUse the DNS protocol over UDP
-T, --tcpUse the DNS protocol over TCP
-S, --tlsUse the DNS-over-TLS protocol
-H, --httpsUse the DNS-over-HTTPS protocol
-1, --shortShort mode: display nothing but the first result
-J, --jsonDisplay the output as JSON
--color <arguments> <WHEN>When to colourise the output (always, automatic, never)
--secondsDo not format durations, display them as seconds
--timePrint how long the response took to arrive