fastly backend update

Update a backend on a Fastly service version


--service-id <service-id>Service ID (falls back to FASTLY_SERVICE_ID, then fastly.toml)
--service-name <service-name>The name of the service
--version <version>'latest', 'active', or the number of a specific version
--autocloneIf the selected service version is not editable, clone it and use the clone
--name <name>Backend name
--new-name <new-name>New backend name
--comment <comment>A descriptive note
--address <address>A hostname, IPv4, or IPv6 address for the backend
--port <port>Port number of the address
--override-host <override-host>The hostname to override the Host header
--connect-timeout <connect-timeout>How long to wait for a timeout in milliseconds
--max-conn <max-conn>Maximum number of connections
--first-byte-timeout <first-byte-timeout>How long to wait for the first bytes in milliseconds
--between-bytes-timeout <between-bytes-timeout>How long to wait between bytes in milliseconds
--auto-loadbalanceWhether or not this backend should be automatically load balanced
--weight <weight>Weight used to load balance this backend against others
--request-condition <request-condition>Condition, which if met, will select this backend during a request
--healthcheck <healthcheck>The name of the healthcheck to use with this backend
--shield <shield>The shield POP designated to reduce inbound load on this origin by serving the cached data to the rest of the network
--use-sslWhether or not to use SSL to reach the backend
--ssl-check-certBe strict on checking SSL certs
--ssl-ca-cert <ssl-ca-cert>CA certificate attached to origin
--ssl-client-cert <ssl-client-cert>Client certificate attached to origin
--ssl-client-key <ssl-client-key>Client key attached to origin
--ssl-cert-hostname <ssl-cert-hostname>Overrides ssl_hostname, but only for cert verification. Does not affect SNI at all
--ssl-sni-hostname <ssl-sni-hostname>Overrides ssl_hostname, but only for SNI in the handshake. Does not affect cert validation at all
--min-tls-version <min-tls-version>Minimum allowed TLS version on SSL connections to this backend
--max-tls-version <max-tls-version>Maximum allowed TLS version on SSL connections to this backend
--ssl-ciphers <ssl-ciphers>Colon delimited list of OpenSSL ciphers (see for details)