fastly healthcheck update

Update a healthcheck on a Fastly service version


--service-id <service-id>Service ID (falls back to FASTLY_SERVICE_ID, then fastly.toml)
--service-name <service-name>The name of the service
--version <version>'latest', 'active', or the number of a specific version
--autocloneIf the selected service version is not editable, clone it and use the clone
--name <name>Healthcheck name
--new-name <new-name>Healthcheck name
--comment <comment>A descriptive note
--method <method>Which HTTP method to use
--host <host>Which host to check
--path <path>The path to check
--http-version <http-version>Whether to use version 1.0 or 1.1 HTTP
--timeout <timeout>Timeout in milliseconds
--check-interval <check-interval>How often to run the healthcheck in milliseconds
--expected-response <expected-response>The status code expected from the host
--window <window>The number of most recent healthcheck queries to keep for this healthcheck
--threshold <threshold>How many healthchecks must succeed to be considered healthy
--initial <initial>When loading a config, the initial number of probes to be seen as OK