fastly logging newrelic create

Create an New Relic logging endpoint attached to the specified service version


--key <key>The Insert API key from the Account page of your New Relic account
--name <name>The name for the real-time logging configuration
--version <version>'latest', 'active', or the number of a specific version
--autocloneIf the selected service version is not editable, clone it and use the clone
--format <format>A Fastly log format string. Must produce valid JSON that New Relic Logs can ingest
--format-version <format-version>The version of the custom logging format used for the configured endpoint
--placement <placement>Where in the generated VCL the logging call should be placed
--region <region>The region to which to stream logs
--response-condition <response-condition>The name of an existing condition in the configured endpoint
--service-id <service-id>Service ID (falls back to FASTLY_SERVICE_ID, then fastly.toml)
--service-name <service-name>The name of the service