The Meroxa CLI


apiInvoke Meroxa API
app, appsManage Turbine Data Applications (Beta)
authAuthentication commands for Meroxa
billingOpen your billing page in a web browser
build, buildsInspect Process Builds on Meroxa (Beta)
completionGenerate completion script
cfg, configManage your Meroxa CLI configuration
endpoint, endpointsManage endpoints on Meroxa
env, environment, environmentsManage environments on Meroxa
loginLogin or Sign up to the Meroxa Platform
logoutClears local login credentials of the Meroxa Platform
openOpen in a web browser
resource, resourcesManage resources on Meroxa
transform, transformsManage transforms on Meroxa
versionDisplay the Meroxa CLI version
whoamiDisplay the current logged in user
helpHelp about any command


--api-url <api-url>
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--cli-config-file <cli-config-file>
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--timeout <timeout>
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--help, -h
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